Federal Firearms License (FFL)


FFL Transfers

Merz Firearms LLC is happy to serve all customers for FFL transfers from any website, vendor, or FFL.  Merz Firearms LLC is listed with most of the large vendors including Gun Broker, Arms List, Palmetto State Armory, Bud's Gunshop, Sportsman's Guide, and more. Be sure to check the vendor if we are already listed. You may NOT come in early to fill out the paperwork before ordering or before I have received the firearm.


$20 Long Gun Transfers (rifle, shotgun, and receivers/frames)

$30 Hand Gun Transfers (additional $10 goes to the state)


See FAQ above for multiple firearm transfers.


Private Party Sales:  If you are selling a firearm private party, perhaps through Craigslist or Facebook, have piece of mind by completing an FFL transfer background check.  This completely eliminates any doubt of whether the purchaser is legally able to posess a firearm.  Both parties meet at Merz Firearms LLC, complete the background check, and then complete the sale of the firearm. 


To request a copy of Merz Firearm LLC's FFL for a purchase, just email info@merzfirearmsllc.com or call 920-992-3220.


Per Federal Regulations, all transfers must be accomplished at the FFL's official business premise.



Onsite Sales

Merz Firearms LLC may have a small inventory of firearms ready for purchase.  Most firearms can be obtained via ordering.





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